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The DC HEaRT (Health, Energy and Regional Transformation) initiative is a partnership among the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz Graduate School of Business, Swanson School of Engineering, and School of Social Work, as well as the Narottam Lalbhai Rural Development Fund and Ahmedabad University.  It is funded by the Beall Family Foundation and the Hillman Family Foundation. Here you will find resources that enable you to:

  • Learn about the latest DC (Direct Current) HEaRT (Health, Energy and Regional Transformation) projects in 谷歌上网助手安卓版 and Gujarat, India.
  • Connect with our DC HEaRT blog for the latest updates on DC power.
  • Search our Bibliography to assist with your research.

Learn More About DC HEaRT.


Business of Humanity® Project's Tuvar Health & Wellness Center Continues Operations During COVID-19
BoH Book Named "Book of the Month" - July 2023
New BoH Project Brochure, "Powering the Future"
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Symposium: Opening of the Health and Wellness Center in Tuvar (February 3, 2023)


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Business of Humanity® Project
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